Thursday, December 07, 2006


This has been a slow week as I recharge after some sleepless nights prior to settling on my house last week. The 11-hour time difference between Sydney and London was sometimes a bit challenging when trying to organise various tedious documents and monies with banks, solicitor and agents.

In preparation for my end of month scuba expedition, I'm reviewing PADI notes for the Advanced Open Water certification I'll be completing at that time. In addition to Deep Dive and Navigation (via bioluminescent starfish) I have to complete three other specialty courses. While the Red Sea location suggests I will not be able to do Altitude or Ice options, I do have an upcoming visit to the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, some 200km above the Arctic Circle. I may not do much more than dive into the sleeping bag on the reindeer hide covered bed and go with the floe...

The PADI text is rather over-padded with explanatory text. The chapter on Boat dives takes about 5 pages to impart the difference between port and starboard, and that the galley is the kitchen. All vital information when I'm falling backwards into the briny.

Today I had a preliminary physical to verify that I'm not too old and wizened to attempt the course. I'm sure I'll look like a sun-dried prune by the end of it anyway.

Also on a vaguely nautical theme is James Hamilton-Patterson's Amazing Disgrace, sequel to Cooking with Fernet Branca, and almost overripe with comedy and beautifully written observation.

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