Monday, January 15, 2007

Adventure World

Chris was volunteering again to demo scuba use in an above-ground pool at the London Adventure Week expo at the Kensington Olympia today. I trotted along mid afternoon to look over the stalls, gather ideas and make use of the opportunity to pick up discounted guide books and travel paraphernalia.

I found a guide to driving Norway's Arctic Highway, 1500km across the top of the Scandinavia, almost entirely within the Arctic Circle. Add that to hiking and touring suggestions for the Baltics, Eastern Europe and Italy, and my travel mug runneth over. There are so many places outside of Europe I'd like to travel to, but they will have to wait for another time. At the end of 2006, I've visited 24 countries (27, if you count the components of the UK) and Bondi has been to 13 (resp. 16)

Meanwhile, back in the tank, Chris entertained passersby with his very energetic blinky kinky winky linky sinky pinky minky (whale) impersonation, and then tried out the "ice"-climbing wall as a pink skink. I'll let him YouTube the results. I don't have an inclination for climbing that extends to anything more extreme than taking an escalator the wrong way, so passed on that exercise.
One of the travel exhibits that caught my eye was SwimTrek, who organise open water swimming tours around the world. Sites include inland waters such as the Upper Thames or Lake District, and swims between islands or across channels like the Hellespont. I think one of my ancestors would have leapt at the opportunity to do this.
Last night I invested a few hours in transferring more of my old Homeward travel blog over to this site. I still have to publish the entries with photos for June to mid September, but this shouldn't take to long to do now. Most of our time in Nice/Provence is now online. That connects directly with the drive to Spain and material already on El Loco & El Lobo. Our first long walk, through Scotland's Great Glen is also online.

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