Saturday, January 13, 2007

Baby, It'll be colder outside

Archive Photo: Jul 12 2001, Bondi & Dougal ['cos I felt like it]
This morning I received the final details for our excursion to Sweden in February, the centrepiece being 4 days in Jukkasjärvi: reindeer sleighing, sleeping in an ice hotel on reindeer skins (I hope they didn't mean reindeer slaying), and chasing the northern lights on a snow-mobile - all fueled with lashings of hot lingonberry juice.

While it may be further north than Reykjavik, Jukkasjärvi's weather is probably not too different to that in London this week, where it has been both as cold as witch's tit and windy enough to send her over the nearest rainbow. The local weather has been so dire that Bondi and I haven't even been inclined to pick up our circumnavigation of London's Capital Ring walk.

I've been trying to book a week in Pembrokeshire (South West Wales) to break up the time between now and Sweden, but the weather prognosis for that part of the British Isles is bleak and void of both reindeer and lingonberries.
Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert shares his unique perspective on Apple's iPhone:

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