Friday, January 26, 2007

Capital Ring: Woolwich to Grove Park

After yesterday's snows, today's sunshine made getting out and about all the more urgent. It's over a month since we made any progress on our walk around London's Capital Ring so I thought it was time to get the final 6 segments out of the way.

We got back out to Woolwich Dockland station around 1pm after 4 tube/rail connections, and started our walk through Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks where Antonioni's film Blow-Up was filmed. Remnants of snow lingered still from an additional night's fall in the south-east. After these parks and Woolwich Common, we reached Shooter's Hill, whose summit is one of the highest points of London.

At Severndroog Castle (above), a curious triangular tower falling prey to vandalism, we were at the highest point of the entire Capital Ring.

Later we passed Eltham Palace, a favourite country residence of the English monarchy in centuries past.

Somewhere near Mottringham Station, I lost track of the path, confused by overlapping sections with another path, and missing or vandalised signs. I asked for directions a couple of times, but after we got sent further out of our way I despaired how little many Londoners know of their neighbourhood. We eventually staggered into Grove Park station around 4.45pm.

Writer E. Nesbit ( The Railway Children, 5 Children & It, The Phoenix and the Carpet) lived in this area for many years.

Today's walk was 2 segments of the walk, listed as 10 miles. With 25 miles still to walk, we will probably have to do that over 3 days.

While walking today, I listened to podcasts of Rick Kleffel's interviews with writers Charlie Stross, Dan Simmons, Richard Morgan and Gregory 'Wicked' Maguire. I particularly commend the Stross interview and the section on how he develops some of his ideas from the economics of a world he is creating. The Morgan and Maguire interviews were similarly enlightening.

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