Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'll see your eel and raise you 8 dolphins

I only managed two dives today as I had developed quite a head-cold and the first scheduled dive of the day -the tragic wreck of the ferry Salam Express, which went down in 1991 with at least 470 lost - just didn't appeal to me.
At around 11am I felt well enough for a 40 minute dive with Chris at Panorama Reef, which has a huge number of clown-fish (ie little Nemo fish) dancing around the tiers of anemones.

Mid-afternoon we had a long shallow dive at Gota Abu Ramada known as The Aquarium. I remember spotting what I thought was an albino moray eel (actually just a washed-out looking grey eel) under a rock, and tried to bring it to the attention of those with cameras.
After a lot of grunting and pointing, I looked up to see at least three other divers pointing back over my shoulder where a small pod of dolphins had suddenly swept in like the steeds of Poseidon's chariot, hung suspended about 15m away from us, and then just as abruptly disappeared into the distance.

We spent the night moored next to this reef. It was quite uncomfortable with even the small amount of rocking that we experienced as the tide changed and waves crashed over the reef. In our upper-level cabin this was magnified, so I felt that I spent the entire night trying to hold onto the mattress, or tossing and turning to minimise the wear and tear on my joints as my flesh oscillated to and fro. A hammock would have been a massive improvement!

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