Saturday, August 13, 2005


As I'd told Bondi he was to be washed today, he did his little Native American rain-dance at some point in the night to make that unfeasible (I need a sunny day to help dry him off). As it was, I was up too late last night re-examining one of the links in my family tree after turning up an incorrect birth certificate.

Some new information from the 1861 census of England & Wales seems to have put me back on track. There were 4 x Ellis Williams lads aged 15-16 living in the small town at that census, however only one is listed as a tailor. The matching household did not have his parents, but maternal grandparents, and two other grandchildren, presumably his cousins. The commonality of names produces much confusion: within the space of 3 generations, we have Griffith Ellis, 2 x Ellis Williams, and a Griffith Ellis Williams. To exact some more details, I've sent off for a bunch of new certificates from the UK Family Records Centre: one each of births, deaths and marriages. You don't get the nearly instant gratification of the BDM Office in Victoria, which allows downloading of government records as images, but with any luck I should have the three certificates back by next Friday.

I took two sets of cheek scrapings to produce DNA specimens for my Y-chromosome 37 marker test. The outcomes for this are trivially easy to compute, and left as an exercise for the reader.

I know I've reminded a lot of folks but here it is again: my old mail address has been retired for a number of months now and I just use my gmail address.

And for those of you about to nod off from reading this: a comparison of the differences in bed/mattress sizes between the US, UK, Australia and Europe. All Queens and Kings are not the same!

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