Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ormskirk & Skelmersdale

Yesterday I popped over to the nearby town of Ormskirk for Thursday market day. Not much to report from the markets, but I had an honest-to-goodness REAL cup of coffee from a cafe in the Church Walks arcade. Apparently there are plenty of "hook-up spots" there. The Knowhere Guide reports some of them at:

  • Ormie is full of tossers that think dey is ard and speak like they r from the roughest parts of liverpool. witch is nothin to b proud of. the parks is full of the scallys gettin drunk on there cider and shandys
  • well scallys hang round by the dump that is the bus station, i can see why though, probobly feel like home. mainly in the town centre or corination park
  • Bus Staion for all you spotty-faced Rockport wearing little gimps. You all look hilarious. Stop trying to be Scousers and tucking your trackies into your socks, even golfers don't do that anymore. Apart from Payne Stewart and he's dead! Let the be a lesson to ya'

Intended to look over Skelmersdale on the way back, but someone appears to have blown it up and replaced it with the world's largest collection of roundabouts and a f-ugly shopping mall called the Concourse. Despite many signs pointing to a "Town Centre" I could only ever find said mall and an ASDA biodome. Again from the sages at Knowhere. hookups available at:

  • Down the multi with your cider.
  • Everyone hangs on the street corners looking for places to rob and someone with a partner so they can play the cheating game...
  • subbys in birch green unless gang fight!!!!!!!
  • Wigan town centre is the perfect place to pick up a single-mum fun. Then its back to skem to play
  • Clayton street chippy where everyone has their first snog,thats in old Skem which is the cleanest and much nicer of a place compared to the hell hole of a place, new skem (overspill of the scousers).
  • Most assholes hang around the tanhouse chippy pulling down walls and smashing in phone boxes. The bus station is everyone's favourite meeting place as it takes you out of Skem

Skelmersdale is a "New Town" - a planned urban community, although views differ as to the relative merits of such places. The National Regeneration Agency has nice things to say about them, but the current implementation leads much to be desired from my cursory examination. Perhaps industry could be revitalized by exporting some of the roundabout surplus to other planned communities.

My Tablet PC's hard drive died later that day. I had previously partitoned it into 3 drives so that if it wouldn't boot then I could run disk repair tools, reinstall Windows and not lose my data. Unfortunately the Motion Computing repair CDs completely ignored the disk partition and proceeded to reformat the whole thing as if it were a single raw drive. Motion's support folks have not responded to request for info on which drive I can buy to replace it. Bugger bugger bugger.

Good news is that I got Bondi's EU Pet Passport sorted for a reasonable price (£15.75) with a vet in Standish, so he's all good to go anywhere in the EU while it still lasts.

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