Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pembrokeshire in my sights

The weather is starting to improve so I've booked a dog-friendly B&B in Pembroke for a few days. Bondi can have a run around in the country between his kennel stays for my Egypt and Swedish excursions. The tourism site for Pembrokeshire has been extremely helpful as it has a mini-portal to help those touring with their dogs locate suitable accommodation, and to identify parks and dog-friendly excursions.

Along the way I intend to stop in at the West Glamorganshire Archives in Swansea to look up some ancestral records. Bondi and I stopped in Swansea briefly last May when we caught the ferry across to Cork for our tour around Ireland.

Margaret Abraham was born in Swansea in 1813, and arrived in Australia sometime before 1839, the year she married an Irishman, Arthur Kelly, and died in Narrabri in 1886. Five Narrabri generations later, my mother was born.

I have identified Margaret's parents, and have surmised the identity of an older brother Evan, who appears to have generated a continuing line of Abrahams in southern Wales. My initial researches indicate that the Abraham surname only appeared in this family 1-2 generations earlier later when patronymic surnames stopped being used. I think Margaret's grandfather may be Abraham Abraham!

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