Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The weight of attention

I dropped the car off at Renault to be serviced today, to make sure that it would be roadworthy for the coming months of touring, and then took Bondi into central London to pick up a CD and some other items I'd ordered. Above shows a typical scene, where Bondi is tethered outside a store in Carnaby Street for a moment. The store staff actually pointed out to me moments before that there were 3x as many people gathered around him. Through all of it, Bondi tends to keep his focus on me through the store's window.

The car dealership called to suggest additional work-items with quotes, and I approved some and rejected others. An hour or so later, they called again with changes in prices (waaaay upwards: tyres being more than twice the cost as on the continent) and to go over the same list of work-items. I went back out to wait for it all to be collected, and then two hours later one of their service managers came to o over the list of items for a 4th time, and to tell me that they didn't in fact have all the parts they had urged me to have 4hrs earlier. So, with the car unfinished I had to leave without it, with his "100%" assurance it would be ready by middle of next day.
Finished most of Simon Ings' mostly* very readable The Weight of Numbers while travelling to-and-fro and waiting in the service lounge. *I'd made a start on it while in Sweden, but found that picking it up again was a bit of an effort: the prose flowed at the page level, but the character/time jumps were awkward to reassemble.
While browsing books in windows on Charing Cross Road, I was bemused to see this 1950 title by Enid Blyton, which must have been high on the list for being removed from libraries back in the 1970s.

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