Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bondi reser jorden runt

Following the Norwegian Dagbladet article, an article from the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. I wish I'd known about it before as I was in Stockholm on the day of publication (Sunday Feb 4).

There aren't Swedish/Norwegian translation facilities on Babelfish, so I tried InterTran's site, which yields the text below. I think Bondi must mean peasant in these tongues. I like the implication that Bondi has a 70kg tongue...

Peasant am leaving earth about

[caption] Ocean jycke Peasant had already remnant to among other Australia and Eire. Soon am awaiting a rundresa in Europe together with owner Mike Williams.

London He has attend thirteen countries and three allocations. Nothing queer with the. Formerly that Peasant is one hundred. Behind tens substitute in Microsofts headquarters in Seattle , America , tire Mike Williams. He would watch the world and destined themselves for travel.

Alaska malamute
But nots solitary. With followed his 70 kilos tongue Alaska malamute. – He is good travel with. Husband feels themselves never solitary. Cheers article him am meeting self folk self never should had met otherwise , says Mike at that Norwegian magazine Dagbladet.

Migrate in Scotland
Formerly Nordamerika s had dog attend husses dark Australia and a lng rank Europeans countries. Wonder autumn and winter have the fell lnga rambling p Eire , in north England and Scotland together.

Notion frn Steinbeck
Now am awaiting a three mnaders travel in Europe as imply fifteen nya countries p Peasant meritlista. Däribland Sweden , there Mike Williams had depart kin. – S white self vet find the none equal prepared dogs. Self stayed inspire of John Steinbecks book ”Travels joke Quack , says he.

Freely in EC
substitute 2000 before husdjurspass in Europe , which imply that Peasant able travel freely in EC / ACE omrdet s long all inoculation is neat.

Dupond et Dupont
Pictures in both articles taken outside Munsons coffee circus community in Ealing.

Waiting at home for word from London West Renault as to when my car will be ready. They've failed their "100%" assurance that it would be ready by midday and it has not occurred to any of them to call with a status update. So far today I've spent £7 in phone charges and drained my phone battery once, to listen to their phone service play me Vivaldi's Four Seasons or Mozart's Gminor Symphony (I think played on a kazoo, which I am quite sure is missing from Mozart's orchestration) without any progress or dropping me off after the 37th iteration of the minuet .


  1. BERT & SHIRLEY5:11 am

    I am thinking what is this all about. Yes with a tongue that size I would be wary of patting him on the head. It is strange when you translate it word for word . anyway he is more a KING than a peasant.. they should have their mouths washed out with soap.

  2. Hi! I could try and properly translate the article for you if you want?