Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Booking ahead

Picked up Bondi this morning from his boarding kennel. Apparently he had a great time when six inches of snow fell last week. I don't feel so guilty now about leaving him while I went dogsledding in the Arctic white.

Now it's back to planning Bondi's European Vacation Spring 2007 tour. I look at my spreadsheet with about 114 days of accommodation to be sorted. The first 44 are more-or-less sorted, which takes us up to Vienna in mid-April, just after a week in Budapest.

There are still holes to be plugged for the Sorrento (I have a few candidates) and Sicily. The rate of progress for booking the ferry to Croatia is very very slow. I mailed the ferry line directly last week as the UK agents hadn't responded. No response from them either. I also emailed the UK agents and said that their website wasn't working properly, so they eventually emailed me back and said to use their website to book the trip . Nearly a week later, and I still don't have a booking. I can't afford to leave it because pet-friendly accommodation in Croatia doesn't seem to be common, and I have to book waaay in advance. No ferry -> No accommodation -> No Croatia. If that's the case then we'll shoot back up the east coast of Italy and maybe have some more time in Central Europe.

On the up side, I've had a lot of nice email from folks in Norway and Sweden following the Dagbladet article, offering accommodation and coffee (not to be dismissed!). But as I won't be hitting Sweden till about Day 68, and Norway shortly thereafter - catching Sweden again on the return leg - I can only put those on the back-burner for now.

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