Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Discover what your granny smelt like in 1942!

Bade farewell to Alison & James this morning, to retrace our journey along the M4. We stopped briefly in Carmarthen, but it was just too drizzly to do more than huddle in shopfronts.

Lunched at Cardiff Bay; Plas Roald Dahl was similarly drizzle-swept so people were either confined to the Millennium Centre or eating in Mermaid Quay. Moved on to downtown Cardiff, but as we entered the main pedestrian street, a female terrier (probably in heat) set her eyes on Bondi and followed us up and down the road for a good half hour.

Despite her small stature, she was determined to offer herself to Bondi, and cavorted around and under him until he could tolerate it no more and tried to evade her or send her off with some rare bark-like vocalisations. We were quite the sight for midday shoppers in Cardiff that day, with some photographers following our mad procession. The bitch's owner was nowhere in sight, and I couldn't even leave Bondi for a moment outside a store in case the two became entangled in his leash, so we cut short our visit.

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