Thursday, February 15, 2007

Planning Croatia

I finally have a booking reference number for our overnight voyage from Bari (Italy) to Dubrovnik (Croatia), so can make firmer plans for booking my accommodation. Thankfully the B&B owner in Dubrovnik has been helpful and patient in the 3 weeks it's taken to get this far.

Croatia marks the beginning of the segment of the journey where the currency starts changing frequently. Croatia Traveller says that the local Kuna is pegged to the Euro, and it seems that it is very closer to the Swedish Kroner in numerical value (if not purchasing power).

1.00 HRK

= 0.077577 GBP

Pound Sterling
1.00 GBP

Pound Sterling
= 12.89046 HRK


I'll need to pay some more attention to my paper-based maps now, as in Eastern Europe there are big holes in the mapping software that essentially force you onto circuitous arterial routes, and thus exaggerate driving times. Our path from off the Dalmatian Coast towards Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Zagreb (Croatia) in the direction of Budapest definitely needs refinement.

Current Plan: Dubrovnik (3 nights) - Split/Trogir (? nights) - Zadar (2 nights) -Plitvice Lakes National Park (dogs allowed on a leash) - Ljubljana (2 nights) - Zagreb (? nights) - Bucharest.

The car has finally been picked up from Renault, the whole service experience being a comedy of errors.
I've uploaded some video of my dogsledding day here.

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