Saturday, March 10, 2007

Madonna, mai visto!! (continued)

IMG_0703-04 stitch [ice]

For the remainder of the afternoon, I (after collecting Bondi from the hotel, and my new jacket) revisited Paolin gelateria and stopped to listen to a marvellous virtuoso of the water-filled wine-glasses playing classics in a street connecting San Marco with the Accademia. I timed a walk through the Dorsadura to connect back up with the Rialto near 7pm to meet Kim, her beau (a Murano glass-blower) and Beth for "spritzes" (prosecco cocktails).
San Marco crowds  IMG_0714playing the glasses  IMG_0771palaceIMG_0775  rooftop

There we stayed for 3 hours, drinking, talking, enjoying the mild evening and introducing Bondi to every passing wellwisher. Nearing 10pm, Bondi was clearly becoming quite hungry - especially after last night's stomach blight, and so when I signalled our departure, he decided that we should make a beeline for the hotel. What happened next was quite without parallel in my experience with Bondi. He decided to sprint the entire distance - with me on a kite-string behind him, as he took us up and over the Rialto Bridge, and round every twist and turn back to our locanda just west of the Piazza - without ever taking any directional guidance from me.

As I have heard constantly over this week from the locals spying Bondi for the first time: "Madonna! Mai visto!! [Never have I seen....]".
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