Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Naples update

I am having trouble getting proper internet access to update blog with photos etc, and also had a minor tragedy today when Google's Picasa software deleted 124 photos of our visit to the Herculaneum excavation site and corrupted my camera's memory card in the process. I have tiny thumbnail versions of those photos and nothing more.... I'm also not very happy with my Canon camera as the microphone seems to have been not working since I bought it, but it took 2 weeks of fiddling with settings to work out that it was the camera and not me that was flakey. That's 2 out of 2 Canon cameras that have been faulty out of the box in the last year.

I've previously posted text for our Pisa and Cinque Terre visits, and have written up subsequent days, but can't easily transfer all that text to the computer here with internet access :-(

Tomorrow, if the weather improves, we'll be heading for the island of Capri.

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