Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sicily Update

We're staying on the southern slopes of Mt Etna, just outside of Catania which is where we'll be for the next two days. After that we return to the Italian mainland, and still need to locate accommodation for two nights on the Messina-Bari route (stopping in Alberobello) before we take the ferry to Dubrovnik.

I have plenty of pictures from our time in Palermo/Monreale, Cefalu, and the drive through Agrigento (Valley of the Temples), Comiso, Modica, Noto to Siracusa (Syracuse). We spent two days on the small island of Ortygia, which is the old part of Siracusa. I have been thoroughly successful in avoiding the heat by travelling south at this part of the year, as it is also snowing on Etna.

Internet cafe access is limited and what I have found has been thoroughly infected with viruses and spyware so I have been reluctant to enter any passwords (such as for the blog) on any of these systems. Normal service will return when possible.

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