Saturday, March 17, 2007

Siena: another day, another Duomo

After pounding the streets today, I think Siena's charms are limited (for me) in the same way as Salamanca's were - beautiful stones, but maybe not so much to do for the outsider after a few days.

Yesterday I spied a concert poster for the Moscow Soloists, lead by viola virtuoso Yuri Bashmet. The ticket office next to it was always closed and didn't have hours posted for it. I (and a few others I saw) kept returning to the office to buy tickets, but were frustrated again and again. Finally, I was advised by the associated music store to just turn up an hour before the performance as advance purchase was not necessary.

To that end, I took Bondi back to the hotel later afternoon, dressed up and drove back into town and got to the ticket office 65 minutes before the performance. "Oh it's been sold out for ages"...


Aside from that, I'd like to send a big shout out to Lisa at the local English-language bookstore, whose ear I bent for several hours over the course of my stay in Siena.

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