Monday, April 02, 2007


Docked in Dubrovnik harbour some time after 7am, and we were in the hands of border control (again) within moments. I think I actually got the first stamp in my passport since entering the UK in February. It was also the first place where Bondi's paperwork was inspected since leaving the UK.

It's about 10 minutes' drive around to the old town. As we come down the final stretch, this (picture above) is the first glimpse I had.

We got to our B&B very quickly - it's splendidly placed right next to the old town's Ploče Gate. Our host at Dubrovnik Bed and Breakfast, Srdjan, gave us a tour of the old town to give us our bearings. It's all very compact and easy to manage.

The main street; Bondi is asked to do the dishes

It's disturbing that I don't know what is disturbing.

We don't do very much today. I'm shattered after the last few weeks' driving and the scattered moments of uncomfortable sleep on the ferry. A 3 hour midday nap gets me back closer to target for sleep, and a very filling meal at the Taj Mahal restaurant renews me with gargantuan helpings of Bosnian cuisine. [NB we're in Croatia, not Bosnia].

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