Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Have a nice day!

Not a great start to the day: two tyres on my car were slashed overnight. My gracious host was extremely helpful in getting me (& the victims) to a tyre place for replacements, ferrying me back to the car, and then leading me back to the garage for refitting and balancing. I had to go with a slightly different radius for the replacements, so they're on one axle, and the others make another pair. I just hope that if I have to use the spare, that it's for the older ones. And when I say older, I'm talking about tyres that are only 5 weeks old. Bugger.

It's all rather surprising in a town of this size: 70K prewar, now 40-50K, so a little smaller than Wagga Wagga Galway. The entire population of Croatia (Hrvatska in the local tongue) is about the same as Sydney: 4.5M.

Bondi had another swim today, gently nudged by me off the end of a step into a few feet of water. He quickly got used to it and paddled around in his hairpopotamus style with paws bouncing him off the sandy bottom.

After he shook himself down a few times, I walked him back into the main street. Moments later I heard cries of "Bondi Bondi!" from behind us - some kids on roller skates came chasing after him. They had met him two days ago, and today made a little parade for him down the Stradun.

I'm having enormous fun reading Kyril Bonfiglioli's The Mortdecai Trilogy, 1970s thrillers about a degenerate art dealer and his escapades. The main character, Charlie Mortdecai, is a bizarro Jason King meets Bertie Wooster. It's incredibly non-PC and thoroughly recommended, with the opening paragraphs accurately setting the tone for everything that follows.

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  1. Swimming sounds like fun! We had some warm weather here, in the 80's a couple weeks ago, then winter decided to come back, and it's back in the 20's and 30's. It even snowed here a little this morning!! Hello, it's April!! Isn't that suppose to mean it's spring?

    You look like you are sure having fun Bondi!