Saturday, April 07, 2007

Plitvice Lakes and Slovenia

Hundred: phobia and unit of such, relating to the worry that you will be stuck behind two busloads of elderly German tourists on a narrow path or corridor. [Wikipedia is kinder: "originated with the Teutonic tribes that invaded England after the Romans departed"]

From Karlovac, I followed the almost-missable signs to Slovenia, which direct you via a country road through Ozalj, a lazy scenic drive mostly following bends in the river Kupa that separates Croatia from its neighbour.

Slovenia (population 2M) is an EU member state; Croatia I'm told is always 2 years off membership. I was a little nervous about Bondi's re-entry, but at the border they didn't even look at his pet passport. They were impressed by my having a sleeping malamute in the back, and asked for him to get out and stand up to demonstrate his size. The Croatian and Slovenian border guards all gathered around to goggle, then passed me through to another gate, where it looked like someone stamped my passport but I can't see any evidence of it.

The road continued winding along for some time before we reached the highway at Novo Mesto, and saw bjillions of Slovenians stuck on the road, leaving the country for the Easter weekend. Luckily we were going the other way and had a smooth ride through to Ljubljana.

Ljubljana evening

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  1. Such beautiful pictures! Some of them remind of Yellowstone National Park, with the clear blue water and the walking plank paths.



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