Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tail from the Vienna Woods

Checked out of Vienna apartment and drove up to Kahlenberg, a popular elevated area on the fringe of the city. We seemed to have been lucky again in beating the crowds, and were able to enjoy walking through the Wiener Wald, with a faintly sweet aroma and morning light through the foliage.

From here you can see Hungary and Slovakia on a clear day (today is a bit hazy), and there is a view over Vienna, sweeping across from the Danube to St Stephen's and out beyond the southern edges.

View from the other side of Kahlenberg

We've now crossed into the Slovak Republic (passport checked but not stamped at border, Bondi's documents requested for the first time since embarking on ferry to Croatia) and have a colourful little new hotel on the edge of Bratislava, near to one of the ubiquitous Tesco's. The hotel has a superficial resemblance to the Hundertwasser House seen yesterday in Vienna, although inside it is a superior sort of whitebox hotel.

Lunch; Michael's Gate

Bridge over the Danube

Day and night in one of the many city squares

whimsical statuary - on and under and over the streets

spitting fish; Liszt made his concert debut in Bratislava at age 9

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