Sunday, April 08, 2007


Tomorrow we leave Slovenia, bound for Budapest, which I think involves a short re-entry of Croatia. For the next few weeks that will be:
  • Budapest/Hungary: 7 days
  • Vienna/Austria : 3 days
  • Bratislava/Slovak Republic: 2 days
  • Brno/Czech Republic: 1 day (we visit Prague in June)
  • Krakow/Poland: 3 days
All that accommodation is sorted (except for Brno, which is more or less optional, and breaks the long drive from Bratislava to Krakow).

Taking us up to the end of April, we have 2-3 days each in
  • Warsaw/Poland
  • Vilnius/Lithuania
  • Riga/Latvia
  • Tallinn/Estonia
with accommodation still to organise. I'm less tempted to "wing it" as the weather warms up and holidayers start filling up the hotels. Just sitting in the Hotel Emonec lobby (where the wifi reception is better) here in Ljubljana, I see almost a constant stream of people through the door looking for a room. However as the weather does warm, there is also the opportunity for using campsites - as long as bears and wolves are not around!

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