Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Walking the walls

A warm day and Bondi gets a dip in the harbour. He technically got his toes wet (and little else) in the Adriatic in Venice, but the water there is horribly polluted. This is his first proper submersion in the Mediterranean since we were in Nice 18 months ago.

On the drawbridge at Ploce Gate.

Walking the walls.

As you can see Dubrovnik is bloody stunning. The walls around the old town are incomparably more varied and interesting than anything I've seen to date in Europe.

A woman came up to me in a café and said “have I seen you in a Brentford veterinary clinic? I was there with my guinea pig a few weeks ago.”

I'll write up some more later.

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  1. Wow Bondi! Excellent picture of you and your dad. You are BOTH very handsome!