Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bergen bust?

Wednesday 23 update: We found a no-frills cabin north of Forde to stay in last night and will head for Bergen now, and see if I can find something off the road that I can't locate on the internet. I called a few places yesterday but everyone had a no dogs policy. It wasn't exactly No-way Ole, but one hostelier put it as "it's not my rule".

I'd like to stay two nights (Wed/Thu) if I can and then find a hotel near Oslo for Friday as our (free) accommodation there isn't available until Saturday.

Writing from Gerainger fjord after a night sleeping in the car on an island off Kristiansund along the Atlantic Highway...

Accommodation options around Bergen this week are looking extremely limited ( venues booked out, incredibly expensive or not dog friendly ) so I may be skipping that part of the country and moving on towards Oslo and then quickly down to Gothenburg and Malmo. I'm already looking a bit wild and woolly after being wrapped around the steering wheel last night, so not looking to repeat that option quickly.

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