Thursday, May 24, 2007


Obligatory Grieg photo
It's been pissing down rain in Bergen since yesterday afternoon, so in the absence of any stronger impulse to visit the knitting museum (quite seriously, I'm an excellent knitter, except for that last nightmarish "Sistine Chapel of Sweaters"-project with the complicated basketweave diamond effect all from expensive mohair-wool blend, overlaid with a hand-traced art-deco periwinkle panel on the left breast which got an awful distortion so that it looked like the wearer had an emerald green colostomy bag, and the whole thing was so damned warm, it could only be warn on particularly old days in Antarctica... and after several attempts to rescue it I finally put it in a Salvation Army clothing bin so some homeless person is probably now using it as a wearable sauna), I basically café-hopped most of the morning, into the early afternoon, sheltering as best we could under various skimpy awnings, all ill-suited for deflecting the North Sea's squalls.
Knitting display, and discarded time tunnel

Famous dramatist and Laugh-In regular, Henry Gibson
I was not impressed to be told at a Bergen post office that the packs of "tourist stamps" for postcards are only valid for European destinations. I'd been sold a pack up north and gaily stuck them to all my US and Aussie cards, but they may not reach their destinations: no one thought to write a limitation description on the big fold out cardboard envelope for these cards (which has descriptions of the stamp images in Norwegian, German and English), or just to have a one-stamp-fits-all stamp option for tourist postcards.

Local café identity

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