Friday, June 01, 2007


As much as I would have liked to linger in Malmö, my remaining itinerary was too difficult to shift, so we quickly got onto the Oresund Bridge and had crossed into Denmark within about half an hour. It was a beautiful day for the crossing so I drove the 16km across the strait as slowly as other traffic would permit. I had the passports out again in preparation for the border, but there were no controls (other than paying the 34€ toll) - so I'd had no border stamps since entering Finland although I'd crossed Norway and Sweden.

Bondi checks out beach-babe Cindy

My host for 2 nights was Julian, a British photogapher/editor resident in Denmark for some 35 years, referred by Keith and Yutte in Ealing. As Julian currently shares his life with Cindy, a ten year old German Shepherd, we'd arranged for her to meet Bondi on neutral territory: the waterfront park across the road from his house. There was a little bit of tension, but both dogs were old enough to deal with it and so we were able to quickly settle in.
We got into midtown Copenhagen near 3pm, and looked around for nearly 4 hours. I was mildly disappointed to say the least - it struck me that much of it could have been any English high street; the Strøget or Walking Street was really a narrow version of London's Oxford Street, and I don't think I've ever had so many people just walk into me.
The day was nearly as warm as two days prior, and I got a bit frustrated trying to find somewhere shady to get some lunch; if I found a table then service was impossible.

Calling it quits around 7.30pm, I drove around a little bit and by chance saw a sign for Den Lille Havfrue - the Little Mermaid statue taken from Hans Christian Anderson's story. I hadn't been super-eager to go out there, knowing that the statue is really quite tiny, but since my GPS hadn't found any satellites, I wasn't going to find my way back to Julian's in a hurry.
Mermaid, malamute and ugly ducklings
We've now completed 3 full months on this expedition.

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