Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Gothenburg / Göteburg (say "you're d'boy" quickly), Sweden's second largest city, is running an appeal to fill every crack between cobblestones with cigarette butts. They are close to reaching their target, but need just a few more donations.

The story goes that King Gustav II Adolf (pictured above, sans leash) pointed to the ground and said “Där skall staden ligga” ("Pick up those ice-cream containers please"There shall the city lie”) and nearly 400 years later, there lie some of the most rubbish filled streets I've seen in months, outdoing anything I've seen in Eastern Europe.


  1. Carla5:12 am

    I like your blog, the descriptions are great and so are the pictures.
    This way I can visit these countries without leaving home.
    thank you,
    Miami Florida

  2. How sad they don't take better care of their city, and have more respect for the environment. Why are humans so thoughtless?