Saturday, May 05, 2007

Half an hour with Organ Music

Touring the Niguliste church has an extra dimension available on a Saturday afternoon, with a half hour organ recital. Today it was mainly works by Buxtehude, an orgnist-composer who preceded JS Bach by 50 years. Hearing these works today, I am reminded of hearing Bach's own Ich ruf' zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ played over the end credits of Tarkovsky's film version of Lem's Solaris - a granitic solidity, the implacable hand of the universe placed firmly on your shoulder.

Bondi takes control of the Cat's Well.

Citizen of the town believed that an evil spirit lives in the well and threatens
to make all the town wells run dry if it doesn’t get regular animal sacrifices.
To keep the spirit happy people started to throw dead animals to the well. The
main victims appeared to be cats living in the town who were tossed to the well
sometimes even live. The practice was so common, that soon it was given a name
“Cat’s Well”. Although the wells in town never ran try the water quality due to
sacrifices got so bad that the well couldn’t be used anymore from mid 19th
century and the cats of the Old Town no longer lived in fear.

Hare Krishna invade a group photo in the town square

By the end of his third day here, Bondi had taken control of the hotel lobby, so whenever I was up there using the wifi service, hotel staff were bringing him offerings from the kitchen, and he was playing up to all the guests.

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