Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Finland update

Leaving Helsinki today, heading towards Savonlinna.

Some photos from the first day in Helsinki posted below.

Sunday May 6
We're in Helsinki now, having made the 2hr journey across the Gulf of Finland, and spent the afternoon roaming the town centre.

It seems that the hotel here has some outrageous internet charges - 8€ per hour, no discount for more (compared to free internet in the last 7 or so countries I travelled through) - so I may not get a chance to do any updates (including the last 3 days in Tallinn) for a while. Price gouging by local hotels seems to be the order of the day during Eurovision week (rates having shot up from their already high base to take advantage of the demand).

We'll be here for a couple of days and then travelling through either Turku or Tampere and then northwards to Lappland. The plug for the power cord on my laptop is giving me grief as well, so if I can't get assistance from Acer's local repair centre, may be further limited in updates.

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