Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just the sound of snow falling

Today's events actually started at 12.15am when I took Bondi out for a last romp in the snow during the twilight. In all of yesterday's driving, the light level didn't noticeably change until after 7pm, about an hour south of Inari, and didn't noticeably dwindle thereafter, especially with the ubiquitous white.
At 8.30 Bondi is more than ready to go out into the snow again. It's been snowing all night, and a few inches coat the car. After breakfast I do some more rejigging of luggage in the car, shuffling
out warmer clothing, and packing up the paperwork from Finland.
Husky farming #1  Husky farming #2
We walk around "town" a bit, spending most of my time at the Saami Museum, SIIDA. Bondi is clearly enjoying the snow, but after a couple of hours outside prefers to join me indoors when I go off to look at some craft shops.
inari   IMG_2969
There’s a swift flowing river on the other side of the hotel, which Bondi runs up and down by, the snow and sleet pelting him.
The afternoon is used to nap, read and pass an hour at the hotel's piano, trying not to embarrass myself with my getting-longer-out-of -practice fingers.
At dinner I discover that all 3 tables are populated by people from Australia, a retired trio from the Sunshine Coast and a retired couple from Sydney area. The first three have done the Trans-Siberian Railway ("the world's longest garbage dump" one pronounces).

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