Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bergen to Oslo

Crossing between Norway's two largest cities* was an all-day affair, with the landscape recapitulating much of what I had seen along the coast: lush fjordlands, snowy plateaus and finally rolling farmlands. It's a tiring journey because the 450km is limited to about 70km/hr due to road conditions.

*Norway's population is approximately the same as that for Sydney, with Oslo being about 1/2 million and 1.1million in the Greater Oslo region. Bergen at about 1/4million, only rates at 3-4 on the Wagga Wagga population scale.

When I was young, the capital of Norway was not called Oslo. It was called Christiania. But somewhere along the line, the Norwegians decided to do away with that pretty name and call it Oslo instead. - Roald Dahl

Staying in a downtown hotel for one night (at about half the cost of a rural Norwegian hotel/cabin!!), we had a quick little look around the compact city centre. For the rest of the weekend we'll be staying with Arne and Jan, about 10 minutes out from the centre.

Looking ahead, I have my accommodation in Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague and Belgium mostly sorted. Gothenburg is booked for Monday, and Mälmo for Tue/Wed.

Today marked 2 years since we started this European adventure, leaving Sydney, UK-bound on May 25, 2005.


  1. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Hi Mike and Bondi!! =)
    I had a good laugh reading the latest on your side!What a haircut!Looking good =)Great photos of Bondi! Super webside! I hope you get the leash at the post office in Malmø.Bless! Mari =)

  2. Great pics of Bondi! He is so handsome! He is the only other blogging (well, sort of) Malamute out there besides me! It's nice to see one of my brethren!