Thursday, June 14, 2007

20,000 leagues [and then] under the sea

Well we've done it: 20 countries, 4997 photos and 20,000 kilometres in exactly 15 weeks.

I had no sleep last night, worrying about the inevitable border interrogation going into the UK, even though I have oodles of documentary proof of my self-sufficiency and intents here (650 blog posts anyone?). I got to Calais 3 hours ahead of my Channel Tunnel departure slot, and was offered a free advance to an earlier slot. At the last hurdle I was pulled out for a special questioning, but I showed them the papers for my job offer in Australia and for Bondi's export. I was then allowed through (although no stamp in passport...).

We arrived in Ealing around 1.30pm, and after coffee at Munson's, took Bondi to the vet to draw a blood sample for confirming rabies antibodies. I'd spoken to the local contact for PetAir about this and it's possible we can shave a month from Bondi's stay in UK if everything's handled correctly. It won't change his 30 day quarantine in Australia, but it could mean that he's out before Xmas rather than mid January. I also got the vet to order an endocrine analysis so we can see if Bondi's hairloss is due to hypothyroidism and thus treatable.

I'll get to posting my final photos, and the Belgian and German entries I haven't had time for to date. My laptop has to go in for service so I'll have to work around that for a little while.

Thanks to everyone who stuck with us during the journey, and offered us accommodation, tips and friendship. We still have 6 months of time in the UK to report on, so let us have a wee rest, and transmission will resume promptly.

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