Sunday, June 17, 2007

Back in the swim

Chris and I took Bondi for a loop around Barnes today, with the final leg being between Hammersmith bridge and Barnes rail bridge. Seeing a couple of doggies splashing around on the water's edge, Bondi would not be deterred from joining them, and plunged right in, wading/swimming nearly out to the middle of the Thames.

That has been my major outing since getting back to the UK. Right now I'm concentrating on getting Bondi's veterinary needs seen to, my computer fixed and the car serviced. Almost everything seems to require dealing with some godawful call centre. The worst example came when I called my local Renault dealer to get information about some parts and repairs. I probably should have tried another dealer, but better the totally incompetent devil you know ...

By the way, don't ever bother submitting a service request through Renault UK's website: I'm just collecting automated email responses along the lines of "This is enquiry number #####. We'll be back to you within 24 hours." I have unanswered requests going back to August 2006. The enquiry simply puts you on Renault's spamlist.

So I called the dealer direct, punched #2 for Parts, and got redirected back to main menu. I asked for Reception and asked for Parts and was put through to someone who sounded like they were dislodging something very substantial from their lungs and then they hung up. I called Reception again and asked them to put me through to someone well enough to talk - this time I got a woman whimpering semi-audible gibberish on the end. I asked Reception again for someone capable of speech (she started laughing at my descriptions), and so she put me through to the Parts Manager, who explained that by default I am being switched through to a call centre in Kenya (aha it's Foreign Parts!), which is probably where all the website emails go as well. A rather awful scenario flashed through my mind of what had happened when I called minutes before: call centre person #1 has the Ebola plague and has just hoiked up some bloody matter onto call centre person #2, who is whimpering in response to their anticipated fate.

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