Friday, June 08, 2007

Where am I?

Thursday: I've been a very busy boy today, visiting Halle, Leipzig and Dresden, before landing in Prague. The Czech Republic is Bondi's 30th country (not counting transits through Singapore and Bosnia).

For my 3 nights here, I have a constant internet connection and an alternate computer to use that isn't bedevilled with power issues, so I should get up to date with the blog. There's a lot of intertwined stuff to write about what I saw and read in Germany, so please be patient. In the meantime, please enjoy this poetry reading:

Wednesday evening: Just finishing up two days near Stassfurt in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Tomorrow we drive to Prague with possibility of stopping in Halle, Leipzig and Dresden along the way.

Copenhagen updates done. Berlin in progress.

Monday update: I've added some pix from Copenhagen that Julian emailed me (below). Further uploads will have to wait until I'm in Staßfurt tomorrow night.

If anyone has suggestions for B&B/hotel in Brussels (June 10, 11) and Bruges (12,13) please contact me! Bondi has his pre-UK vet shots due on the 13th too.

I don´t have internet access from my Berlin B&B so will have to wait a couple of days until I can do a proper update. We had a very full day today being toured around the city, and have one more full day here, although I´m considering extending a day as I have 2 days booked near Staßfurt and may not really have enough to do in that area. Irrespective of that, we´ll be in Prague on Thursday.

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