Sunday, June 10, 2007

Karlstein Duet

A one, a two, you have no idea what to do...

Heat, hayfever and helluva lot of driving have combined to make Michael a very sleepy boy today. The one excursion was out to Karlstein Castle, a 40 minute drive southwest of Prague. My friend DJ lives in the village by the castle, and he had some time to show me a few of his new piano arrangements, including some for 4 hands. He invited me to try them, and it transpired that this was the first time they had been performed by two humans. A world premiere performance! Hitherto, he had simulated the duet using computer MIDI technology. I think this is the first time I'd tried any 4H works in nearly 7 years.

Karlstein from its well tower

Leaving DJ, we continued up to the castle, running the gauntlet of tourist stalls. I don't know how you can make your way out to a 14th century Czech castle, climb halfway up a crag, and not buy a turtle-motto tie-dyed sarong or a Nemo bag.

Karlstein Village: looking up and down

Another tower grows out of his head; don't feed the trilobites

Horowitz and Rachmaninov in the Steinway basement: Primo or Secondo? (Note the expensive acoustically-dead rug)

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