Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Just for the hell of it, some photos from Seattle, this time in 2001, when Bondi's brother Dougal arrived. It's 3 years since I've seen the little tyke, I hope he's doing well.

Nothing much to report so far this week: London has settled into unsettled bit-o'-this, bit-o'-that weather. I've been messing around with my old computer, and pushing blank DVDs through it in an effort to provide a good backup of this year's photographs.

I do want to get out of London again for more than a day-trip, and have started sketching out plans for trips hither and thither. The first stake in the ground is a booking of a half-week on the island of Arran in Scotland at the beginning of August, where I'll be catching up with my friend Michele and her family for the first time in 3 years. NB this island should not be confused with the Aran Isles off the west coast of Ireland at Galway.

I'd like to see more the west coast of Scotland, and am looking to push northwards from there to the Hebrides for some sea kayaking and maybe even on to the Orkneys or Shetland Is. I'll have to check these carefully, my experience in recent years is that island folk are not terribly dog friendly wherever that island may be.

Naturally I must find a way to integrate visits to everyone I know in Wales and the north of England on my journey. I ams till desperate to find a way to stay in Edinburgh for a while during the festival in August.

Adrian sent me a Flickr link to some of last week's photos from Brighton. One of the comments amused me:
Oh my God! I've met Bondi! He occasionally visits a coffee shop owned by a friend of mine in Ealing. Everyone knows him!

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