Thursday, June 21, 2007

Malamute Pattern Baldness

While I sleep and reorganise my life, things have been generally less than blogworthy, so here's a cheery little number from the manically inspirational William Zauscher.

Bondi's lab results came back, and they were negative - so he's not a lab! Seriously though, while his thyroid activity was a bit down, there were none of the complementary factors to indicate hypothyroidism. This would indicate that Bondi's hair-loss is, most likely, Alopecia X, also known as coat funk (in malamutes and other nordic breeds).

This evening I met my distant cousin Katie, daughter of Alison and James in Pembroke. She got to meet Bondi over dinner in Chiswick, while a parade of fans, sober and not, came to pay their respects to him. I'm also amazed how many folks notice Bondi in the back of the car, with the tinted windows closed.

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