Saturday, June 02, 2007

What the Moon Saw

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A quickie from Julian who followed us around central Copenhagen today. Here is a good example of people just arranging themselves around you-know-who to get a picture.

We saw a few mals or malamute-crosses in the streets today. One of the latter, IIRC a malamute/akita/greenland dog had similar colouring to Bondi; his name is Evander Holyfield. This reminds me of a quick exchange in Oslo's Vigeland park the previous week.
Woman: Is your dog really that big?
e: No, you are imagining things.
Woman: .... [laughs]

Bondi annexes yet another kitchen floor to his empire.

The major part of our time today was spent in Christiania, a free enclave within Copenhagen. Founded by hippies in 1971, it has around 1000 inhabitants and a steady business peddling hash in the main "street", where photography is vehemently prohibited. Tension between the government/police and this community often spills out into violence - most recently after the demolition of a building in the enclave.

Leaving Christiania

The community is also welll known for its development of a couple of specialized bikes, such as the load-carrying tricycle and the very tall bicycles partially visible below.

The blog post title is a reference to a Hans Christian Anderson story.

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