Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Arran Island

Bondi reunited with beach, under Goat Fell

We got to Arran Island yesterday evening, after a longish drive from Crewe, a stop in Wigan, and then a long wait for a ferry at Ardrossan. The 13 mile trip from there to Brodick, Arran's main port vilage, must rank as the most expensive per mile that I've done anywhere in Europe, and at close on an hour for that journey, one of the slowest.
Michele and Paul met me just off the boat in Brodick. They and their kids are staying with expat friends they've made in Hong Kong, some of whom own a well-situated house here on the island. It's 3 years since I've seen Michele & Paul, and even longer for the kids, who have shot up in the way they do, and who I basically recognise from the regular Xmas update photos.

For dinner there are 7 adults, 7-10 children and of course, Bondi, much coddled by all the kids. Michele tells them that they spotted "a dog's head with a car attached" coming off the ferry.

Lochranza Castle

I'm booked in a local hotel from Tuesday night, luckily a short walk from the house, but we're bunked down with the brood for our first night. In the morning, a very warm day is developing, so it's down to the beach for kids and canine.

Later in the afternoon, I drove around the northern half of the island, a loop of approximately 30 miles through Lochranza where a forlorn castle fragment guards a sheep-dotted estuary shore.

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