Friday, July 06, 2007

Capital Ring: Crystal Palace to Wimbledon Park

We set off early this morning to finish the last segment of the Capital Ring walk. Technically we were doing two short segments, Crystal Palace - Streatham - Wimbledon Park, with a total of 9.7miles (15.5km).

Sadly it was probably the least memorable section of the entire ring, and I struggled to find anything worthy of recording. The fragment of the street sign for "Dickens Close" that can be discerned in the collage above marks a place in Norwood where Charles Dickens stayed and wrote the meeting of David Copperfield with his first wife, Dora Spenlow.

Acer "Disempowering People" Computers continue to dumbfound me with their incredible lack of customer service. I sent off my laptop to Acer UK for service 3 weeks ago, and a week later got a call from a Sara(h) to tell me the cost of service. They took my credit card details and called back, leaving a message to say it had all gone through and I would have it back within 10 days.

I called back today to find out what was going on. I was told that they were waiting payment from me, and that basically my unit was just sitting there untouched, presumably while I psychically divined that there was a payment problem. ( Emails sent in the interim have gone unanswered ).

I was put through to customer service ( Sara(h) again ) to escalate the issue, and told that of course the payment had gone through and they couldn't tell me when, if ever, the unit would be ready, and it was beyond their capacity to keep customers apprised, even through their website status page. "Shouldn't you tell tech support that I've paid, because they're not going to touch it while they think it's not paid?" No. Supposedly because I had been told it had been paid for it wasn't necessary for customer services to communicate this to tech support, who were not going to do anything about it. ... And if I wasn't prepared to wait for an indefinite period of time I should take it elsewhere, even though they're the only Acer service centre in Britain.

It's inexcusable for one of the world's largest hi-tech companies to say they cannot send a bulk email to all of the service customers explaining and apologising for any delays. That sort of thing was a trivial task ten years ago. On top of that having tech support point the finger at customer support, who then point the finger at me for not being understanding ... well ... that never goes down well.

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