Friday, July 20, 2007

Day on Wye

I spent an age on Tuesday getting up to London to collect my laptop. I'd contacted DHL through their tracking site on Friday, asking them to hold it in Pembroke, but they didn't get around to responding to me until 4 days later, when I was an hour outside of London. When I picked up the laptop, I found that Acer had basically squandered the month it had spent with them, without making the unit much better. Where once it wouldn't charge, it now turns off totally at random, and not all the keys on the new keyboard work. That was after £280+. The unit was also returned with the note that instructed them to call me before despatch to obtain the new address.

After that, a night in Gloucestershire and then on to Hay-on-Wye, Wales' book town, my sa-nav directing me through the Vale of Ewyas. I thought I'd exhausted Hay's stocks on my preceding 3 visits but spotted some old editions of Beverley Nichols titles in one window that I grabbed for a small sum.

We're staying with Ross and his menagerie, our first visit in 18 months. The menagerie has been enhanced with the addition of Meep, an affectionate wiry-haired terrier. Sadly, Judy, Bondi's playmate on earlier visits is on her last legs.

Four of us set out to Builth Wells, for a walk along the Wye. The river is high and fast, swollen by the almost unremitting rain. Bondi steps into a shallow area to lap up as much fresh water as he can manage, while Meep dances around on the shore. Back in town, Ross takes me to the local second-hand book store, where I snap another paperback copy of Thurber's The 13 Clocks & The Wonderful O for 50p.

Bondi and Meep

On to Pembroke tomorrow.

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