Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Eden Project

Drove along the coast from Torquay (Devon) to St Austell (Cornwall), where we would be staying with Maureen & Tony, whom we'd met in Dubrovnik 3 months earlier. St Austell also happens to be some of paternal ancestors lived 200 years ago, working in the local tin mines, until moving up to the copper mines in the Lake District. I also found that we were to be but a short distance from the Eden Project, the complex of biodomes and outdoor displays providing a "living theatre of plants and people."

Since the weather was so nice today, but risked reverting to the insistent wetness of recent weeks, I decided to visit the Eden Project today. Bondi couldn't come along with me, but if you are travelling with your dog, they do provide shelters and water for them to stay in the car.

The great bubble biomes are the most famous architectural element of the Eden site, with the Humid Tropics biome being the largest greenhouse in the world at 1.55ha and a height that would contain the Tower of London. The Warm Temperate Biome is about 40% as big as that.

In the Core there are various hands-on exhibits plus displays showing the quantities of natural resources (water, energy) to produce various foodstuffs and manufactured goods.

Take a ride with Elvis!

In addition to being used in the James Bond film, Die Another Day, the Eden Project's stage is one of the UK's best concert venues. Rufus Wainwright had performed here last night, and the Pet Shop Boys are playing on the 22nd.

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