Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Grey Havens

Grey skies over Pembroke forshadowed a less than exciting day after the weekend's Potterdammerung. After lunch we ventured to some of the most south-westerly parts of Pembrokeshire: Dale, Little Haven and Broad Haven.

James gave me a quick history lesson,recounting how Henry Tudor returned to Britain, landing in Dale (above, but not in a Mirror dinghy) in 1485. From there he marched to Bosworth Field, where Richard III was slain and Henry took the throne.

Ways to die in Little Haven

Bondi took to the waters in Little Haven (above) which surprised me greatly, because even though he enjoys a swim, he finds waves, even gentle ripples, rather disconcerting. A young man whom Alison had passed on the "Malamute, Malamute, 8, no, Malamute" mantra, in turn told his friend that Bondi was an Alaskan mally ... dude.

The one picture that I missed getting was of a gentleman in shorts and long socks out walking his black rabbit, on a leash. Long socks! Really!

Pining for cheesecake.

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