Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Muzzle under the wrist

Maureen hinted that I should get out my digital piano for an airing, which prompted Bondi to come over and beg for attention. He actually enjoys piano music, or perhaps it might be that he senses I enjoy playing, and he picks up on that. Anyway, when he decides it's time for him to get attention, he uses his muzzle to lift my wrists away from the keyboard.

I'd playing an arrangement given to me by my friend David in Prague last month. I haven't printed it off yet, so I'm just using my old Tablet PC directly on the music stand.

Today is my last day in St Austell for now. Tomorrow it's off to Gloucestershire with a long diversion to London to pick up my repaired laptop. The Acer repair-centre ignored the instructions (written and telephoned) to call me before despatching, so as to get my updated address. Since their repair centre is just up the road in Plymouth, it's doubly frustrating, grrr, but given their track record for customer service, hardly unexpected.

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  1. heather11:30 am

    dogs really do appreciate music - my dog was deaf before she died, but she still loved it when i played the piano because she could feel the vibrations