Friday, July 20, 2007

The Old Bailey

We drove west to Pembroke again, headed for cousins Alison & James. It's a very wet run, as Britain overflows with the tears of readers worried that Harry Potter and friends are going to die in the concluding volume of the series.

Over dinner we run through our halting advances in family history knowledge, especially over our common ancestry in north Wales.

I've been reviewing holes in my own pedigree, especially relating to some of my convict ancestors (on my mother's side). Alison suggests I try the Old Bailey's online records for trial transcripts of transported convicts. Here I unearth the record for my earliest Australian ancestor, Tom Golledge/Gollege/College, transported for 7 years for stealing a "cornelian seal set in gold".

One of my goals is to locate where all my ancestors originated from prior to Australia, a task about 80% completed. I stumble across 3 sources that add some more details to the family background of Irish immigrants on my mother's side. They show these ancestors came from Cavan and Galway, and also provide a lot of information about siblings of my direct forebears and the names of families they married into. I'm intrigued that the names Kelly, Kelaher and McCosker might indicate I'm related to people I worked with in one company.

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