Friday, July 13, 2007

Paternal map

European locations

While in St Austell, I've managed to dig a little deeper into my Cornish ancestry as I have family here up until about 1820. After updating my family tree, I've made some baby steps towards turning this into a geography of the past, by transferring all the places of their births and deaths to a Google Map. The map here shows just the locations for my father's side, and that was about 3 hours work. I'm sure someone could write a PERL script to map points from a GEDCOM file . It's the sort of thing I would expect "next generation" family tree programs to be doing.

Click the map titles to go to a full Google Maps page, which allows zooming. The maps above and below are the same except for centring and zoom-level.

Birthplace Deathplace Lived and died in same place

Australian locations

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