Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pottering about in Pembroke

The bell rang at about 8.30am, a deathly hollow sound. It was the post with a delivery of 607pp of Harry Potter. The day's reading was set out before me, although not without interruption. James and Alison took us out to Freshwater West Beach, where the Welsh National Surfing Championships are held. There were over a dozen hardy souls out on boards today, mostly enrolled in a class. Bondi had a mad romp on the sand, trying to impress a bewildered border collie.

We stopped in for tea, scones and cake at Auntie Vi's Bosherston cafe. All the staff recognise Bondi from 5 photos of him and me arranged around her salon, and Vi was quick to pronounce that I had been there in late January. [ I checked and it's 6 months to the day.] I was interrogated on my subsequent travels, and specifically directed to describe how I got from one point to another. That was OK for my short trip to Sweden in February, but fortunately for all of us I didn't have to step through 105 days of travel around Europe in my car after that.

Our last stop for the day was a part of the Stackpole Estate that I had not seen before, with a glorious view down one of the lakes.
Harry Potter was finished around 11.30pm. I was glad to have it out of the way on what is probably the only day that one could safely read it without being advised of its ending.

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