Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tinners and Surfers

Microfiche: wedding certificate for Oliver Woolcock and Jenepher Vercoe, 1781

The rain returned with a vengeance today. I drove down to Truro to visit the Cornish Records Office. There I inspected parish records from St Austell, St Blazey and Charlestown until my eyes could stand no more faded, spidery lettering. I did uncover a few tidbits of information, such as that my Woolcock ancestors had married into the Verco(e)/Varco(e) family in two successive generations. I was the recipient of a David Verco scholarship when I was at the University of Sydney ( I assume named after this man ) and it might be interesting to see if there is a family link.

Maureen mentioned there were to be some Aussies competing in surf events at Watergate Bay today, but I missed the bit about it starting at 7pm. When we got there around 4pm, the beach was nonetheless quite busy with surfers even though the weather was totally antithetical to sun-worshippers. Bondi and I had an umbrella'd walk up and down the beach, spoke to a number of other Aussies, bought a stale sausage roll (Bondi got most of it) and then retreated into the mire of Friday afternoon Cornish traffic.

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