Sunday, August 05, 2007

£2 to see two dogs playing! Get your tickets now!

Royal Mile

It took a little while to get out of the flat this morning. I slept very well, and Bondi was still sleeping off our hill climb from 2 days earlier. Before I slipped out for the day, my departing hosts I & L asked if I would like to set up a wireless network for them while they were away... Later in the day - after I had driven down to Musselburgh to buy a router and set up the network, all in under an hour from start to finish - I fielded a Windows Remote Assistance request from Stuart to secure his wireless network in Crewe. He likened me to Johnny Appleseed, strewing completed home networks and anti-virus solutions up and down the length of Britain. Oh joy.

Someone with their knickers in a knot trying to hand me a flyer.

I thought it would be good to get the lay of the land by walking into central Edinburgh. Conveniently the easiest path for that expedition is known as Leith Walk. Somewhere along this not-so-lovely road, one passes the Boundary Bar where the cities of Leith and Edinburgh met before unifying in 1920. A line inside the bar allowed patrons to cross to the Leith-side to gain extra drinking time until licensing laws caught up with them.

We got down to Princes Street, swarming with visitors, this being the first day of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. For the uninitiated, August is festival month in Edinburgh where the separately run, but overlapping Edinburgh International Festival, Festival Fringe, Book Festival and Film Festival unite to create the world's largest annual cultural free for all. Just thumbing through the programs to mark the desired events is enough to give you writer's cramp.

The king of Cockburn Street

After collecting the four principal programs, some maps ( Edinburgh is yet another city poorly served by map-makers ) and a bus-pass for the month, we found ourselves on Cockburn Street, which winds down through several leisurely arcs from the Royal Mile.

Something about giraffes here...

Over coffee and lunch, I made a vain attempt to work my way through 460pp of festival programs. I recognised a couple of Aussie names, the Festival Director, Jonathan Mills, who I last remember was organising a (much) smaller event in the Blue Mountains, and a performer/producer Dean Lotherington, who I knew about a million years ago. The streets also seem to be ringing with Aussie voices.

Eventually one has to brave the Royal Mile. Not unexpectedly it was wall to wall with visitors and various street performers, bagpipe-players fringe troupes and comedians trying to distribute flyers and otherwise entice audiences to their evening productions. On our final turn through the mêlée, Bondi paused to play with a golden labrador pup.This seemed to draw as big a crowd as any, and some wit even started declaiming "TWO pounds to see TWO dogs playing! Get your tickets NOW!".

I never thought I would see that pair sing again!; Bondi entertains a rat

Snared by a bluebird.

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  1. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Hey there

    Loved my time in that City this time last year - woah where has that 12 months gone.

    There were plans to get an Oz show Eurobeat there - if it is on - go I think you will like it :-)

    Say hi to Bondi for me!
    the other M


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