Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dean Village

Artisan Roast, Broughton Street


I still have a really sore back, not helped by seeing 4 shows yesterday. Walking is fine, it's just bending and twisting that are most 'orrible.
Some of the guys from Seriously said that there was a new Aussie-run coffee-place on Broughton Street. I got this confused with Broughton Road, not to mention B- Place. If the Scots confuse people, it's brought on by naming adjacent streets thus.

no coffee, but still wired

We found the correct place, and then I did some chores in the New Town, and then set off to follow the Leith a bit further west to the Village of Dean.

A "dean" is a deep valley, and this old milling town lies way below the rest of Edinburgh, although not more than 2 minutes' drive from its heart.

The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art is signposted as being off the walk to the west of the village, but after one sign after another saying it is always 1/4 mile away, you finally reach a sign that omits it, and you're still none the wiser as to where the gallery lies. I had to give directions on how to follow the Leith Path (due to the poor signage along the route) to one couple. He said "We've lived in Edinburgh for 74 years and it's ridiculous that you have to give us directions..."

Dean Bridge (Thomas Telford); St. Bernard's Well - ach is he now?

I don't know whose statue sits in the structure over St Bernard's Well. While the mineral waters have done wonders for St Bernard's skin, he looks more like a Bernadette to me.

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